By: Diana McIntyre


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Jim Davidson & His Dog Harley the Inspiration for the Park (52 St SE & Auburn Bay Drive SE)

Calgary has become an extremely dog friendly City with the development of several special parks designed to enhance dog lover’s enjoyment of their pets by allowing them to run free in parks designed just for dogs. Jim Davidson’s love of his liver coloured flat coated retriever Harley Davidson sparked a passion for animals that saw him first co-chair a drive to raise $10.5 million to build the Calgary Humane Society Facility. He then personally funded the $600,000 enhancement to the park that now bears his name in Auburn Bay.

With ample space for your dog to run and play, the Bark & Play off-leash park is the place to be with your furry friends. The newly renovated park features an agility course for your pets to learn a few new skills as well as multiple sand pits for those who enjoy digging but know moms flower garden isn’t the place to do it.                                                                                                                                                            

The park also features a dog friendly water fountain that your pets operate themselves by stepping on the paw pad. There are two fenced in areas for four-legged friends who aren’t quite ready to be able to roam the vast landscape by themselves just yet. These areas give enough space to be able to play freely as well as meet a few new friends in passing.

For human companions, there is an amazing pathway system the winds around the park and has a variety of benches to lounge on while watching animal friendships form. Located all around the park are educational signs that are designed to inform humans of what healthy and unhealthy animal behaviors look like as well as help educate dog owners about safe behaviors in the park.

Picking up after your pets is no Big Deal at Jim Davidson’s Bark & Play Park because there are plenty of garbage bins that make picking up after your pets easy, you’ll never be out of sight from one or more bins. The ease of cleaning up after your pets makes Jim Davidson park one of the cleanest, therefore safest parks in the city for you and your four-legged companions.

If you haven’t checked out this park we encourage you to load up your furever friend and take him for a run in this park soon. There are many wagging tails to meet along the trails. Located at the corner of 52 St SE & Auburn Bay Drive SE.  Maybe we will see you there with your Pup.